Shaquille O'Neal Raves About The iPod On TV

Raena is on vacation this week, so pardon me while I take her new beat back over for a moment. Observer Eric Corwin wrote in this morning to tell us about a fantastic Mac Sighting he noticed on Fox Sports last night. It seems that Shaquille OiNeal is not only a big fan of the iPod, but that he raved about it on television. In addition, he apparently sold two of his teammates on the liil MP3 Player That Could, and they were also shown on TV to go to an Apple Store and purchase their own iPods. From Eric:

I donit know if you saw last nightis Fox Sports LA sportscast, but they did a segment of the Lakers on the road and they showed Shaquille OiNeal working out in the gym and using his iPod, and he goes on to rave about it. Then they showed 2 Laker players, Sumaki Walker and Jelani McCoy take a limo and go to the Apple Store at the Mall of America where they purchased two iPods. If Appleis ad agency is smart, theyill sign Shaq up today to do a major spot for the iPod.

Eric Corwin

Thatis a great Sighting, Eric, thanks for the heads up! If youive spotted Macs in the press, on film, or anywhere else, let Raena know by writing her at!