Shareware Installer Maker Adds OS X Support

Public Access Software has updated their installer maker application, MacInstall, to version 1.2. MacInstall is a shareware program designed to allow software makers easily create OS 8/9 or OS X installers for their applications. According to Public Access Software:

MacInstall 1.2 is the latest version of the powerful yet simple Mac software installer designed by a ShareWare author for SharWare authors.

MacInstall 1.2 adds several new key features including:

  • MacInstall Compression - MacInstall can now compress files and folders into a single, compact file retaining all relevant Mac-specific information. Compression is comparable to several commercial compression utilities. MacInstall Compression can be adjusted to increase the compression level or the speed of the compression process on a per-installer basis.
  • Easier editing - MacInstall Editor allows for easier editing of installers with automatic item configuration. Many common files will be pre-configured with install-to location, System version requirements and more by simply adding them to any installer.
  • Mac OS X support - using Carbon MacInstall can run on Mac OS 8/9 and Mac OS X. Installers will support Mac OS X when both products are completed.

An early preview release of MacInstall 1.2 is currently available. The installers included with this release are limited; installers are only available as PowerPC or Carbon native and will not fully install items in single file or compressed file mode at this time.

MacInstall is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Public Access Software Web site.