Shareware game Zroids released

Thunderwizard Software has released a new multiplayer shareware game for the Macintosh that combines fast action with multiplayer excitement. Zroids is a game that includes the following features:

Zroids is an action game based on a concept well known among the users of PC computers. In this game, up to six players, of which up to four can be human players, manouver their ships through different levels while trying to shoot their opponents without getting themselves killed. The game offers up to 16 different weapons (12 in unregistered version of game), 6 ship types, 16-bit graphics and includes 6 exciting levels. More levels will be available for registered users and can be made by players themselves using third-party tools like ResEdit.

Registered users will be able to use add-on levels available in future on this page.

Zroids is available as shareware for US$10. You can find more information at the Thunderwizard Software Web site.