Shazaam! RAILhead Updates Wednesday's List With Favorites Manager

RAILhead Design has released an update for Wednesdayis List, bringing it ot version 1.1.0. Wednesdayis List is a tool designed for the management and creation of custom comic book pull lists. The update features a Favorites Manager and iCal export improvements. According to RAILhead Design:

RAILhead Design is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Wednesdayis List v1.1.0, the the first application of its kind on any platform.

Wednesdayis List is a powerful program designed to help comic book collectors view, manage, print, and save customized new and upcoming comic book release pull lists. Wednesdayis List can also export your custom lists to Appleis iCal program, which enables you to sync your data to iSync-compatible PDAs. Basically, Wednesdayis List is a comic book pull list creator and manager on steroids.

Changes in v1.1.0 include:

  • Re-tooled the favorites capability and created a full-blown Favorites Manager. The new Favorites Manager now handles inclusion and exclusion keywords to give even greater automatic selection tailoring power
  • Added “Export Selections to iCal” capability, which does just that: exports your currently selected items (as all day events) to the correct release date in iCal
  • Added scroll wheel support
  • A few internal integer speed-ups

You can find more information about the Wenesdayis List update at the RAILhead Design Web site. Wednesdayis List is available for US$7.00.