Shogo Ready For Order

What could be more fun than stomping around the downtown metropolitan area in a giant robot armed to the teeth? We canit think of anything right off the top of our head, but we can tell you that now Mac users everywhere can enjoy this activity in their leisure time. Shogo is officially available for Mac. Hyperion Softwareis Ben Yoris sent us a note informing us that Shogo is now available for order.

Shogo puts you in the role of Sanjuro, a fighter for the UMC, an anti-terrorist unit who fights against the group known as The Fallen. In the classic anim? style, this game is thick on relationships between the various characters. Sanjurois girlfreind and brother are killed in an operation against The Fallen, and he is now out for revenge. Of course it didnit take long for him to jump into the bed of his girlfreinds twin sister.

Shogo is a FPS (first person shooter) that allows you, as the main character, to run about on foot, or jump into one of a variety of Giant Mechs all decked out for some serious combat. You must be careful though, as the enemy is numerous, and has many powerful warrior mechs at its disposal.

A recently updated version of the Mac Shogo Demo is available at MacUpdate.