Shop The Kinder, Gentler Formac Online Store

Formac has revamped and relaunched their online store. The new Formac store contains more detailed product information, and easier to navigate layout, and greatly improved load times. Formac hopes all of these changes will offer customers a more enjoyable shopping experience. According to Formac:

Starting today, Thursday May 3rd, Formacis online store at has a new face: clearly structured, with easily visible pricing and a separate level with more detailed information. Optimized for shorter download times and a clearly structured navigation bar the new Shop Formac! reduces the waiting times and helps customers to find what they need at a fraction of the time.

Additionally the new online store incorporates a purchase platform for B2B and Education customers. Authorized Formac customers are now able to enter orders and check their order status and the latest pricing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! And they are listed on the new "Where to buy" website.

You can visit the new Shop Formac! store, and find information about their full line of products, at the Formac Web site.