Shopping Cart Abuse Must Stop!

If youive ever been bothered by the heartwrenching image of a shopping cart in distress, but didnit know where to turn or how to speak out, hereis your soapbox. The Center for Shopping Cart Abuse Prevention documents the horrifying cart abuses that are all-too-unnoticed in todayis society.

"We work on the local, the national, the international level and beyond to fight abusers who are trying to undermine fundamental pillars of society. Our site is here to help you understand this unspoken threat, to offer counsel to those who cause harm to the Cart and to sing the praises of the silver chariot of the parking lot."

And this isnit any fancy-talk-and-no-action site, either: the Centeris Web site names names, with photos and documentary evidence of cart violence from their extensive files, and a Top 10 list of the main offenders. If you want to take action in your neighbourhood, or simply want to let your friends know about this invaluable resource, thereis a veritable smorgasbord of activist tools, from eCards to a confessional for those of us who have sinned in the past and wish to stand up and admit weive been wrong.

Ali Wawa and Shopper X tag team   Ali Wawa and Shopper X prepare the power saw
Two notorious offenders caught in the act by the Centeris vigilant surveillance staff

The Mac Observer takes matters such as these very seriously, and we are pleased to provide this link and information as part of our ongoing commitment to the safety of the World at Large.™ Or something.

Big thanks to Observer Jerry Walter, who insists heis not a time-waster at all. Do you have a great way to decrease your productivity? Do your fellow slackers a favor and let us know about it!