Short Take: Guess’s Next Home Page Hype

Since Apple has pulled out all stops with the web site hype, we thought weid give Steve & Co some help with their next few days of Shameless Self-Promotion...

Top six predictions for Appleis web site hype (with apologies to Dave Letterman):

6. Friday... Macworld 2002: Itis like sitting in a bathtub of warm Jell-O (tm)

5. Saturday... Macworld 2002: Steveis Keynote -- Thank you, Steve! May I have another?

4. Sunday morning... Macworld 2002: G5 PowerMac? Yes, please.

3. Sunday afternoon... Macworld 2002: Steve Jobs says, "thatis not an Apple PDA in my pocket; Iim just happy to see you."

2. Sunday night... Macworld 2002: Why are we doing this? Ms. Cleo told us to

and the number one Prediction for Apple.comis Ongoing Site Hype (drum roll, please)...

Monday... Macworld 2002: All of that stuff on our site the past few days? April Fools!

Take it away, Paul! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Paul Schaeffer and the CBS Orchestra. Iim hyp-mo-tized! Thank yew very much. Iill be here till Monday.

Rodney O. Lain still needs to get a life. Even his editor admits it now. Or else he wouldnit be typing this kind of crap while on conference calls with important customers, his phone on "Mute."

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