Short Take: Up All Night, Watching, n/t

As a recent convert to the Mac side of the universe, one thing is for sure: PC users never showed this much love for their platform.

With all of the buzz about Apple and MacWorld Expo, everyone is rallying in support for their platform in many ways. We are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what is to come from Cupertino, and you know what? This is the most fun Iive ever had with anything dealing with computers. I mean, how many times do you see, on some PC message board, some guy saying that he heard from his cousinis sisteris best friendis baby-sitter who is married to someone whose brother works for someone who knows a guy from some PC company and that they will be releasing a new color for their T-shirt lineup - causing mass histeria at the [insert said computer companyis name here] message boards?

Charlie, in a post to the TMO message boards

I may be bad, but I feel good.

from Sam Raimiis "Army of the Dead"

1/2/2002, 9:48 p.m. All is well?
Judging from the various message boards around the "Mac Web," I wonit be alone tonight.

When I should be cranking out an Access database for work tomorrow, Iim instead sitting here drinking beer and watching, in hopes that I will see what the next message is from On High. I wonit be alone because thereis a chance that several other Mac geeks have the same thought.

The Mac web is feeding more frenzied than usual, with Appleis latest successful attempt to whip the acolytes into throes of self-flagellating homage.

Refreshing my browser display of Nope, no change?

1/2/2002 10:19 p.m. No change?
You already know about the last three days of teaseful messages on Appleis home page, promising us, swearing to us -- no, guaranteeing that there has been no product introduction like the one the world will witness on January 7.

Part of me yawns, because Iim still store about the iPod being hyped as a breakthrough digital device. Excuse me? Hell, yeah, I bought one! Hey, Iim quick to forgive. Apple is like that bad boyfriend that girls love to hate. But, there is always hope that we will finally fulfill those dreams long deferred:

  • Apple can unveil an OS X-laden PDA (Iid sell my Visor Prism that I just bought last week).
  • Apple can make the G4 the entry-level process, hence, a G4 iBook (Iid sell my iBook that I bought just two weeks ago).
  • Apple could unveil something to replace the Cube, packed with the features -- and the price -- that weid line up to pay (Iid sell my first-generation Cube, not to mention my left you-know-what).

Apple could do all of the above and still announce some iProduct, some merger, some acquisition that will bring the Mac one step closer to the world domination weive predicted since 1984.

Refresh. Hmmm? no change.

1/2/2002 11:43 p.m. Same as before?
Regardless of what happens on Monday morning, I think most of us will be spending January 7 and 8 cheering, bragging and lusting after whatever is announced. This is what being a Mac user is all about. Actually, there is more than that?

Thereis something rebellious about our computing choice. We honestly believe that the Mac is better. The Mac is elegant; the Mac is intuitive; the Mac is fun. We always talk about what the Mac is. For me, Iim looking forward to the MACWORLD Expo and future Apple gadgetry mainly because of what the Mac platform is not. It is not Microsoft. It is unPC. It doesnit blend in. It doesnit conform to whatis dictated by the boss, by the government, by the computing establishment.

Weire watching the web as though weire looking heavenward because it points to the next stage in the rebellion, phase two of the revolution, Plan B in the debunking of the "The Matrix." Weire awaiting January 7 for Steve Jobs to tell everyone, once again, that "there is no spoon." In a way, the Mac is our righteous cause, counter stream against what the rest of the world thinks is the future.

Thatis why we hold on, in spite of the ridicule. Thatis why we "keep the faith." Thatis why we follow what Apple does, our constant criticisms notwithstanding.

(Now, I just hope Appleis Hype Gun isnit aimed at Steve Jobsis shoes...)

1/3/2002 2:09 a.m., somewhere in Minnesota?
Refresh? Wait! I see something! Itis? itis? itis? snore...

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