Shots From The floor Of Massive Tablets, Jaguar Drives, Cool Furniture, More

John F. Braun offers more pictures from the floor of Macworld Expo San Francisco 2003. Below we have the a huge tablet, some Jaguar themed drives from Maxtor, the very cool iGo iMac desk, and more.

Check out our Special Report for Macworld Expo San Francisco 2003 for more image galleries, and other coverage from the show floor.

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SmartBoard has a whopper of a tabletGrrr. Maxtor shows off some new drivesDiscreetis booth isnit that discreteCool iGo stand for your cool iMac
Marathon helps you save desk spaceExtensis has a large, colorful lineupWhatis inside of this server?Oxford wants to know if you Got FireWire?
Hope ZBrush can make this guy look betterOh get an iLife!GriffinDo we really want to welcome Windows?
Asante has got the gigNVIDIA attracts gamers galoreEpson cares about your imageTechTool shows the king of all screwdrivers