ShredIt X Offers Secure File Deletion For Mac OS X

Mireth Technology has brought their file deletion and security program ShredIt to Mac OS X. Appropriately called ShredIt X, the product offers Mac users the ability to securely wipe files and folder from their drives. From Mireth:

Mireth Technology has released ShredIt X for Macintosh OS X. A privacy utility, ShredIt is the electronic document shredder for Macintosh that securely deletes files and folders. Throwing a file in the trash does not remove the file contents from the hard disk - it just removes the file name from the directory, leaving the data intact and vulnerable. What you threw away can be recovered by anyone with access to your computer - your roommate, a business associate, the thief who just emptied out your office. Donit risk throwing private and confidential data in the trash - securely delete it with ShredIt.

Like ShredIt for OS 9, ShredIt X includes the Safe Place feature which allows you to protect important documents from accidental shredding. For example, you could move your childis homework into a Safe Place folder so that it could not be accidentally shredded. ShredIt X has been rewritten from the ground up for OS X to take advantage of the Mac OS X native Cocoa development environment.

Key features include:

  • the Safe Place feature which protects data from accidental shredding
  • an easy to use "drag and drop" interface
  • the option to shred shred files, folders, items on external drives (ShredIt X does not shred disk free space)
  • the "Confirm before shred" feature
  • a configurable overwrite pattern and number of overwrites

ShredIt X is priced at US$19.95, and the company offers a free demo. You can find more information on ShredIt X at Mirethis Web site.