Sig Software Updates Email Effects And TableText

Sig Software has updated both Email Effects and TableText, to versions 1.6.9 and 1.0.7, respectively. The new versions of the text editing applications add support for Both applications are available as a version for System 7 through OS 9, and a Carbon app for OS X. From Sig Software:

Email Effects is a program which allows plain text to be used for pictures and drawings. The ASCII art it creates can be used for email messages, source code comments and cross-platform documentation.

TableText is a sister program which allows tabular information to be represented, manipulated and scanned as plain text. With it, spreadsheets and tables can be converted to ASCII text and optimized with ease.

Both Email Effects 1.6.9 and TableText 1.0.7 add support for the Apple Mail email client that comes with OS X. TableText 1.0.7 also fixes communication with other email programs under OS X and optimizes screen updating when performing complex operations.

The Email Effects download contains some ASCII clip art for the holiday season. Much more is also available from the Email Effects web page.

Both applications are shareware. Email Effects is $15, TableText is $20. You can find more information about Email Effects and TableText at Sig Softwareis Web site.