Sig Software Updates NameCleaner With Bug Fixes

Sig Software has released an update for NameCleaner, bringing it to version 2.5.1. NameCleaner is a file naming utility designed for cross-platform applications. The maintenance update features reporting list enhancements and other bug fixes. According to Sog Software:

Sig Software is pleased to announce the release of NameCleaner 2.5.1, available both as a Carbon application for OS X and for OS 7/8/9.

NameCleaner is an industrial-strength utility for the Mac OS to manipulate file names and types. It is specially designed to help move files to and from foreign file systems such as MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT/2000/XP, NetWare and Unix.

Version 2.5.1 is a maintenance release which better handles the report list reaching its size limit and contains several other minor fixes and improvements. The releases also include contextual menu modules for OS X and OS 7/8/9 respectively.

You can find more information about the NameCleaner update at the Sig Software web site. NameCleaner 2.5 is available starting at US$25.00