SightSpeed 4.0 Features Over 100 Improvements

Berkeley, Calif.-based SightSpeed Inc. on Monday announced version 4.0 of its video conferencing software, which offers more than 100 changes including support for 10 languages, better audio quality, integration with Microsoft Outlook, unlimited video mail storage, support for the new IP-based communication standard, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and more.

This is a free software update. SightSpeed offers three calling plans: Basic, which is free but restricts video calls and video mail storage; Freedom (US$4.95 per month, $49.50 per year), which lifts those restrictions and adds 15 minutes a day of multi-party calls as well as a personalized Web page; and Multi-Freedom ($14.95 per month, $149.50 per year), which lifts all restrictions. The annual payment plans include a free Webcam; see SightSpeedis Web site for more information.

A G4 800MHz processor, 256MB RAM and Mac OS X v10.3.9 or higher are required. SightSpeed works with Appleis iSight Web cam as well as several other cameras, although most of them are only compatible with the Windows version of the software.