Sign Petition To Make OS X Open Source

Even though the "guts" of OS X, Darwin, is open source, there is a group out there that wants to see Apple make the whole project open source. Users that agree can sign the Mac OS X Open Source petition. The keepers of the petition claim that an open source OS X, "...can take down the Microsoft hegemony." According to the petition page:

At first blush, the idea of a company giving away its primary source of revenue, and its very identity, seems ludicrous. Apple is very distinctly tied to the Mac OS, and even if the new OS X looks different, thereis no question that Apple is gambling on its acceptance.

But the opportunities for Apple to make a huge splash in the computer world are present like rarely before. Weire thinking about a time comparable to 1985, when Apple could have become world-beaters if they had licensed the Mac OS and sparked the clone empire that Microsoft did instead. Now, Apple can make up for their shortcomings in spades.

What Apple Is Missing OS Xis general acceptance by the masses is hindered by several critical factors. Weill leave aside the fact that Microsoft already dominates the desktop space; thatis the illness, not a symptom. Here they are:

  • Hardware: OS X currently only runs on the PowerPC hardware platform. The majority of PC hardware is based on Intelis x86 architecture.
  • Software: The majority of software is available only on Windows. Given the size of the Wintel market, the majority of software development is obviously concentrated on that platform.

You can find more information at the Mac OS X Open Source petition page.