SilverCreator 1.0 Released For Mac Game Developers

SilverNetworks has released the final version of SilverCreator 1.0. SilverCreator is a game development app designed for simplified Mac game creating, The latest version ships with Quicktime and Flash support for in-game imbedding and several other enhancements. According to SilverNetworks:

SilverNetworks today released the final version of itis free game creation program, SilverCreator.

SilverCreator enables anyone with Mac OS 7.5.5 - Mac OS X to create and develop your very own games for the Macintosh at a price that canit be beat. Creating a game is as simple as drawing some graphics, typing some text, clicking some buttons, and compiling!

Advanced developers can take advantage of the powerful event-based scripting language to create advanced and engaging games. Full QuickTime support is included (including Flash and QuickTime VR support) as well as a fast sprite system with transparency support. You can even create online games where 2 players can play over the internet, with the built-in and easy to use socket support.

You can find more information about the SilverCreator 1.0 release at the SilverNetworks Web site. SilverCreator is available as freeware.

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