SilverStorm Adds OS X Support to InfiniBand Switching, QuickSilver Software

SilverStorm Technologies, formerly known as InfiniCon Systems, on Wednesday announced the addition of Mac OS X support to its InfiniBand network switching solutions as well as its QuickSilver software suite. "SilverStorm is committed to making its end-to-end InfiniBand networking solutions available on all clustering platforms for high performance and enterprise computing," company president Russ Hawkins said in a statement. "The Apple Xserve platform in combination with our award-winning Mac OS X software and InfiniBand switching solutions are enabling some of our biggest customers to develop extremely efficient high performance clusters."

SilverStormis products enable the creation of a 10Gb per second, low latency, multi-protocol interconnect fabric supporting cluster inter-process communication and shared storage and networking I/O access.