Silveramber Software Releases ExMedic For OS X

Sivamber Software Ltd. has updated and changed the name of Medical Billing Circle. Now called ExMedic, the app is a tool designed for medical billing management. The latest release adds OS X support and includes a redesigned interface. According to Sivamber Software:

The feature set of the software product Medical Billing Circle(tm) evolved so much over the years that the original purpose of the software - medical billing - has long been surpassed.

The software is now not only the best and by farand most automated billing product on the market, but became a fully fledged medical practice marketing, management and analysis system as well.

This new release is a major milestone. The first MacOS X native version. The interface has been completely redesigned and many new technologies have been embraced.

You can find more information about ExMedic at the Silvamber Software Web site. ExMedic is available for US$1,490.00.