SimpleText Gets Beefed Up

MacEase has updated their super useful utility, SimpleText Enhancer, to version 4.0. SimpleText Enhancer adds a host of features and usability enhancements to Appleis long standing basic text editor, SimpleText. According to MacEase:

Iim pleased to announce the release of SimpleText Enhancer 4.0. SimpleText is a wonderfully easy-to-use program that is included with virtually every Mac. Unfortunately, it has a very limited feature set.

SimpleText Enhancer adds both a substantial list of new features and a Tool Bar to SimpleText while making SimpleText even easier to use. In fact, some of the features included with SimpleText Enhancer arenit even available in most word processors and text editors!

As a bonus, a free File Converter Utility is included with SimpleText Enhancer. By simply dragging a ReadMe file onto the converter, users can convert a read-only file into editable text. This enables users to copy, print, or edit any part of a ReadMe document. Users may also use the File Converter to create their own read-only files.


  • Users can set their own keyboard shortcut for printing one copy of a file, completely bypassing the need to use the Mouse and/or to navigate a Print Dialog box.
  • Additional text styles may be selected from the SimpleText Enhancer Tool Bars.
  • SimpleText Enhanceris Tool Bars let users quickly move up or down through their documents, one page at a time.
  • SimpleText Enhanceris Tool Bars include a button for quickly either viewing or hiding the contents of the Clipboard.
  • SimpleText Enhancer allows users to instantly capitalize the first letter of each word in a text selection.
  • SimpleText Enhancer allows users to quickly double space any lines that end with a single return character.
  • SimpleText Enhancer will count the words in either a text selection or in the entire document.
  • SimpleText Enhancer will count the characters in either a text selection or in the entire document.
  • Both SimpleText Enhancer Tool Bars now contain two glossaries that users can customize.
  • SimpleText Enhanceris Balloon Help has been updated and improved.
  • SimpleText Enhanceris code has had additional enhancements made to it.

SimpleText Enhancer is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the MacEase Web site.