SimpletextCompiler Beta Released With Improved HTML Formatting

trejde design has released a beta version of SimpleTextCompiler, bringing it to version 0.2b. SimpleTextCompiler is a text utility designed for processing text from SimpleText documents. The latest beta version features improved HTML formatting and other enhancements. According to tredje design:

Eric Roller (tredje design) announced today the beta-release of SimpleText Compiler, a MacOS-based utility that enables text processing for SimpleText files.

Version 0.2b correctly formats SimpleText files based on HTML formatting keywords. SimpleText Compiler also removes HTML-style comments and supports user-defined search and replace patterns.

The utility supports AppleScript and drag and drop of files in the Finder.

You can find more information about the beta release of SimpleTextCompiler at the trejde design Web site. SimpleTextCompiler is available as freeware.