Sims 2: Open For Business Shipping Next Week

Aspyr Media on Tuesday announced that its latest Sims 2 expansion pack, Open For Business, has reached Gold Master status and will begin shipping next week.

Open For Business enables playersi Sims to open businesses that range from clothing boutiques to floral shops to electronics stores, hiring and firing staff and managing other aspects of the operation along the way. Players get to lay out their stores, pick themes, and set prices while also training and promoting employees and learning new talents for their own Sims. The game also includes more than 125 new items.

In addition to requiring the full version of The Sims 2, Open For Business requires Mac OS X v10.3.9 (v10.4 recommended), a 1.2GHz G4, G5, or Intel processor, 256MB RAM (512MB recommended), 2GB free hard drive space, 32MB Video RAM (64MB recommended), and a DVD drive. Aspyr noted that it doesnit support CPU upgrades, nor does it support Intel integrated video chipsets, which are found in Appleis Mac mini and MacBook.

Pricing is US$34.99.

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