Site Launches Dedicated To Buying, Selling Used Macs

A new Web site has launched dedicated to buying and selling used Macintosh equipment, SecondhandMac. The site provides a place for Mac users that are looking to pick up some used equipment, or perhaps unload some of their own. According to SecondhandMac: a new website dedicated to the trade in used Macs and Mac compatible hard- and software was launched July 18th in seven countries. Today we release the site to the international Mac press. offers anyone an easy way to buy or sell Macs and Mac-related products. The site is the place to get in contact with sellers and buyers. All individuals, Apple dealers, Web-stores, collectors and Mac User Groups are invited to use

At the moment the site is free to use for anybody. There is no limit on the number of ads someone can post. Heavy users can expect to pay a small fee for their ads a few months from now. The distinction between iregulari and iheavyi has not yet been decided.

SecondhandMac has its roots in the Netherlands, where (the Dutch version) is the undisputed Mac-classifieds market leader. The publishers updated and translated the site and added many features the Dutch users suggested over the years. SecondhandMac was the logical next step. One of the many new features is a "stolen hardware registration", where people can register their stolen hardware in an effort to retrieve it or prevent it from being sold.

Other features of are: many search options varying from general to advanced, availability of pictures of almost every Apple product to illustrate ads and a clearly arranged lay-out.

The Mac users of the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa all have their own section on SecondhandMac. Other language versions are under consideration.

You can find more information about all of their products and services at the SecondhandMac Web site.