Site Turbo Updated With Panther Support

Intelli Innovations, Inc. has released an update for Site Turbo, bringing it to version 1.1. Site Turbo is a utility designed for optimizing Web sites. The update adds Panther support and improved IntelliMerge compatibility. According to Intelli Innovations:

Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce Site Turbo 1.1, a new functionality update to its Web site optimization software for Mac OS X.

Site Turbo takes your Web site files -- HTML, scripts, images, and more -- removing unnecessary data to optimize your files for the Web. With space savings of up to 80%, your site will download, render, and display faster than ever before. Site Turbo even includes additional automatic optimizers and tools, such as the ability to encode e-mail addresses to hide them from spam harvesters.

Site Turbo 1.1 adds:

  • Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther" support
  • Faster white space optimization system. Site Turbo 1.1is revised engine has been built into IntelliMerge 3.5, our popular e-mail merge software
  • New Help categories covering Preferences and Customer Support via e-mail
  • A number of customer requested changes and bug fixes from the initial 1.0 product release

You can find more information about the Site Turbo update at the Intelli Innovations Web site. Site Turbo 1.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$39.95.