SketchUp 3.0 Adds Transparent Materials

@Last Software has released a new version of SketchUp, bringing it to version 3.0. SketchUp is a sketch based 3D design utility intended for architectural drafting. The latest release ships with new features including materials transparency for glass. According to @Last Software:

@Last Software is proud to announce the eighth release of our award-winning 3-D design software - SketchUp.

SketchUp 3.0 adds a multitude of new features designed to help users create superior 3-D models and then take them in to 3-D modeling, CAD, image editing, illustration and animation applications. The new features of text and dimensions allow conceptual ideas to be built! And material transparency allows designers to add glass to models.

You can find more information about the latest SketchUp release at the @Last Software Web site. SketchUp is available for US$495.00