SketchUp 3.0 Adds Transparent Materials

Bonnie Roskes has released a new book geared at SketchUp users, "the SketchUp Book for 3.0". SketchUp is a sketch based 3D design utility intended for architectural drafting. The book includes illustrative graphics and hand-on excersises. According to Bonnie Roskes:

Bonnie Roskes, P.E., owner of F1, and @Last Software, makers of SketchUp, proudly announce the release of the SketchUp Book for 3.0.

This book is the second in the SketchUp series, and provides comprehensive coverage of all functionality of this important release of SketchUp. The book also features contributions from SketchUp expert and enthusiast, Professor Bob deWitt, MA, MFA.

As with the first book (the SketchUp Book, geared toward Version 2.0), topics are covered by a series of illustrated, hands-on exercises, targeted to all levels of SketchUp users. Details for both Windows and Mac OSX interfaces are included.

Heavy on illustrative graphics and light on verbage, the exercises in the book are designed to smoothly lead the reader from one concept to the next. By following these exercises, readers will learn just about everything there is to know about this unique conceptualization and design applicatio

You can find more information about the SketchUp Book release at the F1 Web site. The SketchUp Book is available for US$62.95.00