SketchUp 3.1Updated With Improved Shadow Feature From Macworld

@Last Software has released an update for SketchUp, bringing it to version 3.1. SketchUp is a sketch based 3D design utility intended for architectural drafting. The update features several enhancements including expanded export and improved shading. According to @Last Software:

@Last Software today announced the ninth release of their award-winning software, SketchUp.

Feature enhancements in SketchUp 3.1 bolster @Last Software’s goal of SketchUp being the conceptual 3D design tool of choice for any one who has the need to visualize and present ideas in three dimensions.

The list of features in 3.1 includes; the addition of thumbnail images to the component browser, 2D vector export (PDF, EPS, DWG and DXF) now supports text and dimensions and the direct export of SketchUp models to Piranesi EPIX format has been enhanced and added to the Mac OS X version.

Export to 3DS has been improved to directly include metric units systems and SketchUp’s unique shadow feature has been enhanced to allow the user to specify a custom geographic location for sun angle calculation. Shadow casting onto faces has also been improved.

You can find more information about the latest SketchUp update at the @Last Software Web site or at booth #1543 at the Macworld Expo. SketchUp updates are free for registered 3.0 users, while the full version is available for US$495.00