SketchUp 4.0 Now Shipping

@Last Software has released a new version of SketchUp, bringing it to version version 4.0. SketchUp is a sketch based 3D design utility intended for architectural drafting. The latest release features new tools including the Texture Tweaker. According to @Last Software:

@Last Software announced today that it will be presenting a sneak preview of SketchUp 4.0 in their booth at the AIA National Convention and Expo, June 10 – 12th at McCormick Place in Chicago. Members and attendees of The American Institute of Architects 2004 National Convention will be the first to experience the new powerful features of SketchUp 4.0, the tenth release from @Last Software.

SketchUp 4.0 will be released in July 2004 and includes the following new fun and powerful tools:

  • Use Follow Me to push or pull a surface along a path, quickly create stair railings, crown moldings & tubing
  • Texture Tweaker allows any texture or photo to be stretched and manipulated across any continuous surface. Place a photo of a building onto a 3D square created in SketchUp and model directly from the picture!
  • Using Face me, 2D models of people and landscaping elements will always face the camera and appear to be 3D without bulking up your models!
  • The Intersector™ provides all the power of Boolean modeling without the overhead and is capable of performing multiple changes in rapid successio
  • With SketchUp’s New Ruby Scripting Interface users can automate almost any task. Stair tool anyone?

You can find more information about the SketchUp 4.0 at the @Last Software Web site or at booth #940 at the Architects 2004 National Convention. SketchUp is available for US$495.00