Skin Your iPod mini With a New iSkin

Need some protection for your new iPod mini? Give it some skin! iSkin Inc. has announced a new iSkin made specifically for the iPod mini, appropriately named the iSkin mini. The iSkin mini is available in a range of colors, as well as a line of glow-in-the-dark colors. From iSkin:

iSkin Inc., announces the availability of the iSkin protector for the Apple iPod mini. Based on the company?s popular iSkin eXo2 & eVo, the iSkin "mini" is designed to offer complete surface protection and ergonomic construction without sacrificing the appearance, size or functionality of the iPod Mini.

Crafted from durable form-fitting silicone, the iSkin mini provides superior protection against damages and scratches that may occur from everyday use while enhancing the elegant slim look of the iPod mini. The iSkin mini includes an ultra-clear screen protector and a newly designed iSkin RevoClip that allows users to rotate the iPod without removing it from their waist.

The iSkin mini is available in a variety of colors, including a unique line of glow-in-the-dark skin tones, known as Ultra-GLO. For those who desire to preserve the original color of their iPod mini, the iSkin mini is also available in artic, a transparent skin tone.

Additional features of the iSkin mini include:

  • Rear pores to promote heat dissipation
  • Easy access to iPod?s Controls and Hold Switch
  • Side "goose bumps" for increased anti-slip grip
  • Compatible with iPod accessories that connect to the top of the iPod such as iTrip
  • Integrated dock connector port cover

In addition, iSkin offers the iSkin Tattoo service, which allows businesses and organizations to print their company logos, web addresses or marketing message on the iSkin mini and other iSkin products to create a unique promotional item.

You can find more information about the iSkin mini at iSkinis Web site. The iSkin mini is available now for US$24.99