SkinkHunt Updates Notes With Performance Enhancements

SkinkHunt Software has released an update for Notes, bringing it to version 3.0.3. Notes is a utility designed as a drag-and-drop note pad. The update several enhancements including improved performance and backup. According to SkinkHunt Software:

SkinkHunt Software announced the release of Notes 3.0.3 today. Notes is an easy to use drag and drop note pad for Mac OS X that goes way beyond simple note taking.

Notes features the superb text-formatting and editing features youive come to expect from Mac OS X with convenient features as instant clickable URLs and email addresses, customizable note background colors and more.

New in version 3.0.3:

  • Performance improvements across the board. Caching ensures that anything youive looked at before can be seen again without Notes reloading it from disk
  • Improved backup - Notes now creates backups as compressed disk images rather than folders. As well as being more convenient, this ensures file permissions are correct when moving between different machines
  • Notes doesnit act like all your files have gone missing if you restore from a backup but have changed your user name (and thus the name of your Home) in the meantime
  • Other small fixes and tweaks

You can find more information about the Notes update at the SkinkHunt Software Web site. Notes is available for US$19.95.