Skype Offers SkypeIn, Skype Voicemail Betas

Internet telephony company Skype on Friday introduced Beta versions of SkypeIn, which enables users to receive incoming calls from any land or cell phone line, and Skype Voicemail. In addition, the firm noted that it has logged the 100 millionth download of its software, bringing the number of concurrent online users to 2.8 million. Skype currently serves more than 35 million customers.

SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail are part of the latest downloadable version of the Skype software, which requires Mac OS X v10.3. SkypeIn provides users with up to three phone numbers in the country and area code of their choice, enabling them to take calls anywhere while reducing cell phone roaming charges. Callers who contact a user with Skype Voicemail enabled can leave a message up to 10 minutes in length. Customers can play back messages whether theyire online or offline and can tell Skype to send incoming calls straight to voicemail.

Both new services are available on a pre-paid basis: SkypeIn is US$13 for three months or $39 for 12 months while Skype Voicemail costs $7 for three months or $19 for 12 months. Skype Voicemail subscriptions are free with all SkypeIn orders.