Sleek New 2.5" FireWire Drives From FirewireDirect

FirewireDirect has released a new 2.5" hard drive enclosure called the MachIV. The MachIV is a FireWire and USB 2.0 enclosure utilizing the Oxford 911 chip set on the FireWire side. The drive offers bus power when used with powered FireWire ports, and comes in 20 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB and 80 GB sizes. The enclosure is available separately, as well. From FirewireDirect:, Inc today announced the introduction of their newest series of 2.5” hard drive based storage devices, the MachIV. The very latest in portables, the MachIV boasts the most current FireWire and USB2 components in an incredibly small and sleek Titanium-style form factor only half an inch thick.

FirewireDirect’s product line is constantly evolving to address the needs of its clients. These requirements include transferring documents and files easily between systems, boosting the capacity of notebook or desktop computers, backing up programs and files you canit live without and as creating bootable backup images. The MachIV is designed to fill all of these roles. 

Like all of FirewireDirect’s hard drive products, the MachIV employs premium mechanisms and boasts the latest edition of the speedy Oxford 911 FireWire chipset.  It has one 1394a port and a high speed USB 2.0 (backwards compatible with USB 1.1). The MachIV ships with FireWire and USB cables, a full range (110-240V) power supply and includes a stylish and compact carrying case. 

Available as a finished product with capacities from 20 to a massive 80GB of storage or as an enclosure kit, the MachIV provides a wide range of solutions for the discerning user.

Those ordering for Mac will receive the SpeedTools Utility Suite which includes DeviceTuner, Disk Defrag, Integrity, QuickBack and QuickBench.

You can find more information on the unit at FirewireDirectis Web site. The Mach IV is priced starting at US$189.95, and the enclosure can be had for US$95.98.