SloppyDisk Shipping Tetris Styled Arcade Game

SloppyDisk Software has released a new app for Mac gamers, Descender 1.0. Descender is a Tetris-styled arcade game designed for kids and adults. The game ships with 16-bit graphics and support for 2 player gaming. According to SloppyDisk Software:

SloppyDisk Software has just released Descender, a poppini-fresh new arcade game based on the ever popular classic Tetris. Descenderis one-player gameplay will be instantly familiar to gamers from 4 to 40 years old. With gorgeous 16 bit graphics, fluidly-moving pieces, and beautiful backdrops, youire sure to spend days glued to the screen.

In Descender, youill experience:

  • Addictive puzzle-action gameplay for 1-player
  • Fierce and frantic 2-player showdown mode
  • Fluid animation and piece movement
  • Polished 16-bit graphics
  • Gorgeous Backdrops
  • Professional Quality MP3 soundtrack

You can find more information about the Descender release at the SloppDisk Software Web site. Descender 1.0 is available for US$12.00.