Sloppy Sokoban Updated With 300 New Levels

SloppyDisk Software has released an update for Sloppy Sokoban, bringing it to version 1.7. Sloppy Sokoban is a game designed for challenging a users logic with heavy boulders. The update features improved graphics and animation as well as expanded levels. According to SloppyDisk:

SloppyDisk Software has released a comprehensive update to their puzzle game, Sloppy Sokoban.

Sokoban is a game requiring logical thinking and spatial planning, not lightning-fast reflexes. The goal is to push boulders to their correct desitations in a crowed environment. Since the boulders are so heavy, you can only push them, and the challenge develops in keeping them from getting stuck.

New in Version 1.7:

  • Improved graphics and smoother animation
  • Over 300 new Levels
  • New Ice Cavern Level environment
  • Level Statistics Screen
  • Extra Levels loaded into Level Set menu
  • Various Music and Apple Event bugfixes
  • Prettier Intro and fancy mouseovers!

You can find more information about the Sloppy Sokoban update at the SloppyDisk Software Web site. Sloppy Sokoban 1.1.7 is available for registered users.

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