Small Town Newspaper Editor: "Does Anyone Actually Keep Up With Apple Anymore?"

We are torn between laughing at the irrelevancy of this piece and being mad about the ignorance of Apple displayed in it. Carroll Wilson, the editor for the Times Record News, a local paper in Wichita Falls, Tx. has written an editorial letting us know what he thinks of Appleis own irrelevancy in the computer industry. That piece is titled "Does anyone actually keep up with Apple anymore?" Showing his ignorance of both Apple and the computer industry at large, Mr. Wilson says:

Simson Garfinkel, a regular writer for Technology Review, drools all over himself in his depiction of the new Mac, which he predicts will set the standard for all computing for years to come. I donit know what Garfinkel has been smoking, but Apple is almost not even in the computer game anymore.

It has shot itself in the foot so many times, itis hobbling around on nothing but a couple of stumps. And a new OS wonit make any difference. Itis like Studebaker trying to jazz up the Hawk back in the i60s or Ford trying to tweak the Edsel.

Right now, most everyone who wants a computer has one, thanks to the way-low prices of the last year or so. And they see no reason to buy another one, as we can see by the number of computer companies that are doing layoffs or shutting their doors. And when they do in two or three years itis not likely that they will buy a Mac instead of a Windows-based PC because they will be familiar with the PC and not with the Mac and people arenit going to switch platforms UNLESS there is a significant price advantage.

And there wonit be. Apple has never priced itself competitively, which is why itis in the terrible position itis in right now. That new cube-shaped Mac that came out awhile back - too much money for not enough difference between that and a PC.

You can read the full article at the Times Record News Web site.