Small Tree Shipping New Network Cards With Expanded Platform Support

Small Tree Communications has expanded system support for the "Dual Connect" and "Quad Connect" Multiport Gigabit Ethernet adapters cards. The adapters are designed for multi-system network connections. The adapters now feature support for PowerMac G4s and Xserve G4s. According to Small Tree Communications:

Small Tree Communications, the number one provider of high performance networking solutions for Apple OS X platforms, announced today that it is expanding the availability of their "Dual Connect" and "Quad Connect" Multiport Gigabit Ethernet adapters to include the Apple Power Mac G4 and Xserve G4, as well as Windows and Linux PC systems.

This expands the list of supported platforms from the Apple Power Mac G5 and Xserve G5 when the cards were first introduced at Macworld in January to now include all major Apple and PC systems.

Small Treeis 2 and 4 port adapters provide the highest port density combined with the best available performance through their support of PCI-X, Jumbo Frames and TCP/UDP checksum offloads. The adapters feature a PCI-X data path, an enhanced PCI bus that is backward compatible with existing PCI cards. It uses a 64-bit bus with a clock speed as high as 133MHz (compatible with 50/66/100Mhz PCI-X clocks and 33/66Mhz PCI clocks), providing a large jump in speed to as much as 1GBytes/sec with lower CPU utilization. Performance is further enhanced by the cardis ability to support jumbo frames which reduce network overhead and increase throughput during large transfers.

You can find more information about the "Dual Connect" and "Quad Connect" Multiport Gigabit Ethernet adapters at the Small Tree Communications Web site. The dual card is available for US269.00, and the quad card is available for US$589.00.