SmartDisk Releases New iBook Charger Bay

Building off of the iBookis popularity in the education market, SmartDisk has released a new Charger Bay for Appleis latest laptop offering. The SmartDisk VST Charger Bay allows users to easily and securely store and charge their iBook. Users can connect multiple Charger Bays to create an entire docking station for multiple iBooks, and the Bays are designed to work with the Bretford MobileCart, providing the ultimate portable storage solution for iBooks. According to VST:

SmartDisk Corporation today announced the SmartDisk VST Charger Bay(tm) for Appleis latest iBook. The SmartDisk VST Charger Bay gives educational institutions, training facilities, and businesses a safe and convenient way to store, secure and charge one or more iBooks. The product will be on display in Appleis booth at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), June 25-27, in Chicago.

The SmartDisk VST Charger Bay simplifies the charging and storing of multiple iBooks used in teaching, training and other professional settings. It features a modular design, allowing users to easily snap multiple bays together for charging or storing. iBooks can be slipped into the bays with a simple one-hand motion. A mirror located on the side of the unit provides a convenient view of the battery charging status. The bays work with the iBookis AC adapter that is included with the iBook.

The charger bays are also designed to fit directly into the Bretford MobileCart, giving users the ability to safely and securely store, charge and transport up to sixteen iBooks in one easy-to-move solution. The Bretford cart is available as part of the Apple iBook Wireless Mobile Lab, and can be purchased online through the Apple Store for Education.

The SmartDisk VST Charger Bay is available for US$29.99, while a pack of five Charger Bays is available for US$129.99. You can find more information at the SmartDisk Web site.