SmartWrap Text App Gets An Upgrade

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC has released an upgrade for SmartWrap, bringing it to version 2.1. SmartWrap 2.1 is a text wrapping app designed for Web developers. The upgrade has several bug fixes and performance enhancements including a RealBasic plug-in. According to Selznick Scientific Software, LLC:

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC is pleased to announce an update for its popular SmartWrap(tm) software for Macintosh to version 2.1.


  • Incredible new icons for SmartWrap(tm) the Clipboard and the MacOS X Text Service (for MacOS X only.)
  • Added advanced Smiley Detection and Protection Technology
  • SmartWrap(tm) the Clipboard can now handle more than 32,000 characters of text
  • Fixed problems with wrapping of some text art
  • Added an all new plug-in for RealBasic
  • Where applicable, all resources were made MacOS X compatible
  • Added AppleScript support to the SmartWrap(tm) Preferences application
  • Completely rewrote SmartWrap(tm) Text Service for MacOS X 10.1
  • Cleaned up SmartWrap(tm) the Clipboardis interface
  • SmartWrap(tm) now maintains trailing line break where necessary
  • Removed all old 68K Macintosh support
  • Converted the useris manual to HTML

You can find more information about the SmartWrap uprade at the Selznick Scientific Software, LLC Web site. SmartWrap 2.1 is available for US$9.95.