Smart Catalog 2.0 Now Shipping

WoodWing Software has released a new version of Smart Catalog, bringing it to version 2. Smart Catalog is a utility designed for connecting data sources to image frames and text within Adobe InDesign. The latest release features an optional Robot module for creating control scripts. According to WoodWing Software:

WoodWing Software, the leading developer of InDesign solutions, today announced the release of Smart Catalog v2 for Adobe InDesign.

Smart Catalog, earlier selected as Hot Pick by Seyboldis Editors, allows InDesign publishers to rapidly publish dynamically linked database content.

Smart Catalog is an Adobe InDesign solution that links a data source to text or image frames within InDesign. It allows publishers to quickly and easily create and update product or image catalogs, pricelists or any other content driven publications. As the data in the document is linked instead of copied, the data remains live and can be updated or changed by the click of a button.

Smart Catalog introduces the ease-of-use, common to every WoodWing product, to data publishing with InDesign. Publishing a database with Smart Catalog merely involves making a data source available to Smart Catalog by selecting a data file, and placing links to data in text or image frames.

An optional Robot module will enable users to write scripts and effectively control the entire database publishing process. The powerful automation features will allow for the creation of complete catalogs from scratch or to fully automate the update process.

You can find more information about the the latest Smart Catalog release at the WoodWing Web site. Smart Catalog 2.0 is available for 999.00 Euros.