Smart Scroll 1.0 Now Shipping

Marc Moini has released a new app for Mac users, Smart Scroll 1.0. Smart Scroll is a utility designed for adding scroll functions to the OS X interface. The app features support for scroll keys and variable scroll speed. According to Marc Moini:

Following in the steps of the classic Smart Scroll, Smart Scroll X brings essential user interface enhancements to Mac OS X.

Scroll Keys:

  • Easier than clicking on tiny arrows, faster than scroll wheels or trackpads, Smart Scroll Xis universal Scroll Keys are often the quickest and most convenient scrolling method available!

Scrolling Speed Control:

  • Select your preferred scrolling speed, now with acceleration. For Scroll Keys

Expanded choice of Scrollbar Arrows:

  • Still nice to have, although with Scroll Keys you wonit want to click on arrows anymore!

You can find more information about the Smart Scroll release at the Marc Moini Web site. Smart Scroll is available for US$15.00.