Smoothicon Icons Updated From the Iconfactory

The Iconfactory has updated the Smoothicon collection for Mac users. The Smoothicon collection was created by Corey Marion and features icons for the latest Apple aplications and poker themes alå Las Vegas. According to The Iconfactory:

For this Tuesdayis release, we are pleased to present yet another volume of Smoothness.

The ninth collection in Corey Marionis popular Smoothicons series adds Adobe Creative Suite app icons plus several other frequently requested items. In honor of the renewed popularity of poker that seems to be sweeping the country, Corey has added a few fun items to help transform your desktop into Las Vegas, without all the neon. We invite you to swing by The Iconfactory today and grab these latest freeware icons from the Showroom.

You can find more information about the Smoothicon icons at the The Iconfactory Web site.