Snak Maintenance Update Released

Kent Sorensen has released an update for Snak, bringing it to version 4.8.2. Snak is an IRC client app designed to allow users the ability to create internet discussion groups with multiple servers. The update has bug fixes and performance enhancements including drag support. According to Ken Sorensen:

Snak is a full featured IRC client with some unique and very useful features.

Version 4.8.2 of the program has been released, and can be downloaded.

In version 4.8.2 channels and channel buttons can be dragged between windows to move them, dragged to the desktop to make a new window and to the trash to close them. The fields for topic and quit message support styles and there is an option to not display the quit dialog.

4.8.2 fixes problems copying text and resuming DCC transfers and fixes an occasional redraw issue with shared windows where the front channel text would blank out and require a redraw.

You can find more information about the Snak maintenance update at the Ken Sorensen Web site. Snak 4.8.2 is available for US$20.00.