Snak Updated With UI Enhancements

Kent Sorensen has released an update for Snak, bringing it to version 4.9.1. Snak is an IRC client app designed to allow users to create Internet discussion groups with multiple servers. The update features interface enhancements and bug fixes. According to Ken Sorensen:

Snak is a full featured IRC client with some unique and very useful features. Snak 4.9.1 has now been released.

Version 4.9.1 features regular tabs instead of custom buttons for the shared view on OS X and OS 9. It also overhauls and improves the entire UI on OS 9. It is a packaged application and makes use of the Application Support folder. That means that you can retain your custom menu definitions and server list across future Snak versions.

There is also a number of bugfixes and other changes.

You can find more information about the Snak update at the Ken Sorensen Web site. Snak 4.9.1 is available for US$20.00.