Snowmint Updates Budget With Credit Card Refunds

Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC has released an update for Budget, bringing it to version 4.2. Budget is a personal budget utility designed for tracking finances and money. The update features numerous bug fixes and internal enhancements including credit card refunds and improved statistical reporting. According to Snowmint Creative Solutions:

Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC announce today that Budget 4.2 for Mac OS X is available for immediate download.

Budget is a powerful but simple to use personal finance tool that has been developed over the last five years and used by thousands of consumers around the world. Budget allows users to obligate their money for future expenses, track where theyive spent their money in the past, and stick to a budget.

Since version 4.1, about a dozen new features have been added to Budget.

Version 4.2 also fixes many bugs that were present in earlier versions.

Some examples of the new features are a new credit card refund capability, new preference settings, vastly improved performance for statistics and reports, a user defined starting date to show statistics, and editing of transactions in their original dialogs.

You can find more information about the Budget update at the Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC Web site. Budget 4.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$29.95.