So, You Think The Name "Mac OS X 10.0" Is Bad?

If you havenit read it yet, check out the story on this issue. Apple has chosen to call the first release of Mac OS X the 10.0 release? Mac OS Ten Ten Point Oh. Our fearless leader, Bryan Chaffin reacts, "That makes no sense at all!"

Indeed! Personally, I recall back when it was still Appleis internal code name, as was Rhapsody before it, someone made the suggestion that the perfect name would be Eden. Get it? Paradise? Apple? Can I get an Amen on that? Ah, itis too late.

Although Mac OS X 1.0 may not roll musically off the tongue, it could have been so much worse. Remember, weire talking about a company known for *removing* specifics from product names. The iMac *nothing*, the Power Mac G4 *nada*, the G4 Cube *blank*. With this kind of thinking, we could have easily have landed on.

Mac OS

Period! No version number, NOTHING! Weid get tech notes on revised OSs reading like, "You must make sure you are running at least iMac OS (dock-movable)i or higher. Mac OS (multiple-desktops) will not work with this release of iCanitTakeItAnymore." Which of course brings us to the small blessing of not having to upgrade to Mac iOS. "The Internetis Baked Right In!" Donit even think of the confusion if it were Mac OS iX!

"Wait a minute, Iim upgrading from nine to... nine?"
"No, from the number 9 to Mac OS eye-ten"

And letis be glad they went to Roman numerals for naming instead of Hexidecimal, otherwise weid be looking at...

Mac OS A

Which would certainly play well with the UNIX crowd. Naturally all the Wall St. analysts would prefer Apple market to the Windows masses, in which case Apple would have to go with...

Mac OS 2000

or just...

MacOS 2k

But seeing as how the pre-release builds are numbered 4k##, I think the development team at Apple would acquire a nervous twitch at that thought. Can you imagine the vacation theyire gonnai have when the dust settles on this release, by the way?

Oh, what the heck, letis just lap Bill Gates and call the damn thing Mac OS XP. How can he copy Apple if Appleis copying him! Itill be like two 8 year olds repeating what each other says over and over and OVER.

"Donit make me turn this OS around!"

And as for what we do when Mac OS XI comes out? Very simple. Two words. Spinal Tap.

"Ours goes to Eleven!"