SoftCare Releases New Plug-In For InDesign And InCopy

SofCare has released a new app for Mac users, SoftCare Notes Manager 1.0. SoftCare Notes Manager is a plug-in designed for communicating in-line notes to an editorial staff. The app works together with Adobeis InDesign CS and InCopy CS. According to SoftCare:

SoftCare today announces the immediate availability of its new plug-in SoftCare Notes Manager 1.0 for Adobe InDesign CS and Adobe InCopy CS. SoftCare Notes Manager enables editorial staff to communicate more efficiently using in-line notes, as displaying and navigating notes is made faster and more convenient.

The standard InDesign and InCopy notes feature enables users to create and edit in-line notes for their own reference or in order to exchange information with other users. SoftCare Notes Manager enhances this functionality by making all notes available in a single list. SoftCare Notes Manager offers filters for displaying notes created by a specific user, or notes edited within a certain timeframe, offering a quick overview of all relevant notes. You can see at a glance, for example, what notes your co-worker added to a file the previous day.

You can find more information about the SoftCare Notes Manager release at the SoftCare Web site. SoftCare Notes Manager is available for US$99.00.