Softhing Updates Email Utility With Archiving

Softhing has released an update for Entourage Email Archive X, bringing it to version 1.9. Entourage Email Archive X is a utility designed for archiving emails sent via Entourage. The update features email archiving and bug fixes. According to Softhing:

Entourage Email Archive X 1.9 is available.

Entourage Email Archive X (EEA X) is a simple and fast utility for archiving emails and attachments you have received or sent using Microsoft Entourage X in Mac OS X.

Whatis news in EEA X 1.9:

  • Added the feature to archive emails by email address
  • The routine "Delete Processed Emails" has been rewritten. Now it is faster and can capture potential errors
  • Fixed a bug when email subject was longer than 254 characters
  • Fixed a bug that prevented choosing a disk or disk image as the destination
    for an archive
  • Recompiled version with the latest Apple XCode 1.2
  • Minor changes to interface of Filter area
  • Tested on latest version of OS X (10.3.4) with Office X

You can find more information about the Entourage Email Archive X update at the Softhing Web site. Entourage Email Archive X is available as shareware.