Softobe Updates FoldersSynchronizer

Softobe has released an update for FoldersSynchronizer, bringing it to version 3.0.1. FoldersSynchronizer is a back-up utility designed for synchronizing files, folders, and disks. The update features several new enhancements including entire backup boot disk support and single session multiple synch execution. According to Softobe:

Softobe is glad to inform you that we have just released FoldersSynchronizer version 3.0.1 (Cocoa).

FoldersSynchronizer is a nifty utility for Macintosh (Classic and MacOSX) which synchronizes and backs-up files, folders and disks. The user can choose one or more pairs of files/folders/disks and then they will be synchronized/backed-up exactly.

FoldersSynchronizer 3.0.1:

  • FS can backup the whole MacOS X boot disk and make it bootable
  • FS can sync/backup the deleted files/folders (Exact Sync feature and Exact Backup feature)
  • FS can execute multiple synchronizations/backup (up to 32 pairs of folders) specified by a single Session
  • FS allows creating, renaming, duplicating, deleting, editing of multiple Sessions in a single document
  • FS can execute in a single task, all the Sessions defined in the Session List
  • FS can assign to each session, different Settings, Multiple List, Timers, Exclude List, Filters
  • FS can execute a Session at the time you specify in the timer list or by the timer interval
  • FS can exclude a list of folders and files from the synchronization or backup
  • FS can filter the documents to copy by FileName, Type, Creator, Creation and Modification Date
  • FS can synchronize or backup at the time you specify in the timer list
  • FS can copy invisible Files and Folders
  • FS can include/unlock the locked files, so it can delete/replace also the locked files
  • and more...

You can find more information about the FoldersSynchronizer update at the Softobe Web site. FoldersSynchronizer 3.0.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$40.00.