Software Development Package Updated

SCA Mecanica has updated their software development utility, Quick Pallet Maker, to version 2.0. Quick Pallet Maker allows developers to easily view optimal pallet loads, and their are version of the program for both Mac OS and Windows. According to SCA Mecanica:

SCA Mecanica has posted on its web site the first major upgrade to Quick Pallet Maker, its efficient pallet-loading / packaging design software.

Quick Pallet Maker is a package design application that calculates and displays optimal pallet loads, based on Primary Package or Box dimensions and load restrictions. This new version improves the graphics output and user interface, while introducing new features that make the work process smoother. Quick Pallet Maker is available for Windows and Mac (Classic) operating systems.

Current clients have been attracted to Quick Pallet Makeris ease of use, low cost and effectiveness in delivering the desired palletizing solutions. SCA Mecanicais online support has also received praise from clients.

Quick Pallet Maker is available for US$379. You can find more information at the SCA Mecanica Web site.