Software Help For Asthma Suffers Goes To Version 2

Great news for asthma sufferers, FireLogic, Inc has released the next generation of its asthma management software, Health Engage Asthma version 2.0. The new software not only adds OS X compatibility and a whole host of user friendly features, but now includes a version for the Palm OS. This from Firelogic, Inc.:

FireLogic, Inc. today announced the release of the second generation of its HealthEngage Asthma software, making the possibility of vital health management anywhere at any time a reality. The software replaces paper diaries which are the traditional method currently used for asthma management. It is available for Macs, including OS X, Palm OS (including wireless devices) and on the web.

HealthEngage Asthma version 2.0 is just as user friendly as its previous version, but it is packed with new features, from advanced symptom and peak flow graphing and advanced medication management to full reports for patients and physicians ? everything to make asthma management easier. It now also includes a web version which works seamlessly with the desktop and handheld versions.

Using this software, asthma sufferers, including children, are able to better manage their healthcare and activities by having the ability to enter health information at any time from anywhere. Physicians and other healthcare providers are also able to review patient information in a more useful manner in simple charts and records and through online access. A recent study showed that, with proper management, the number of asthma-related deaths could fall to almost zero; FireLogic believes that it has found that management tool.

"This new release will allow the 17 million asthmatics in the United States to take better control of their condition. We have received such a great response from doctors, nurses and parents for the first release, that we know they will be even more excited about this new edition," explains Irena Slage, CEO of FireLogic.

The concept for the software came as a result of President Michael Slageis work at NASA on the International Space Station and Planning for Human Missions to Mars. The telemedicine program, as it is called at NASA, was too expensive and bulky to be practical for use on Earth. FireLogicis advisors, including the Chief Medical Officer of NASA, and the other founders of the firm decided to utilize new telecommunication and handheld computer technology.

A free trial version of the HealthEngage Asthma software can be downloaded at The solution is immediately available to current and new individual users as well as healthcare and disease management organizations.

FireLogic is a leading provider of software, services and expertise for the collection and visualization of complex data. The company, founded in 1999, prides itself on its work with handheld, wireless, and desktop computing devices across diverse industries including healthcare, the environment, and employee/sales force automation.

More information can be had at the Health Engage site.