Software Round-up: e2Sync 1.1, MenuCalendarClock Entourage, iPulse 2.1, Aperion X 1.0.1

It was a good week for Microsoft Entourage users, those of us who frequently feel the burn by missing out on some of Appleis slick synchronization features (and more) because we use the calendar and address book thatis part of Office. Earlier this week e2Sync 1.1 was released, a $39 application that brings iSync support to Entourage X/2004. With e2Sync, users can synchronize their Entourage calendars, tasks, and contacts to their iPod or iSync-suppported mobile phone or PDA.

Meanwhile, Objectpark Software released Thursday a version of its MenuCalendarClock utility that works with Microsoft Entourage 2004. The software provides one-click access to a calendar in the menu bar and, with this version, will add your appointments, reminders, and "to do" list to that calendar. Itis not compatible with Entourage X, however, and costs $7 more than the iCal-supported version.

iPulse 2.1 is an interesting system monitor from the guys at the Iconfactory. Itis a slickly skinnable and fully customizable utility that gives you access to everything from CPU load and temperature to network and battery status. Now, with version 2.1, iPulse can display a status gauge in the menu bar, supports the G5is on-chip temperature sensor, and more. iPulse is $12.95 shareware.

Lastly, Ambrosia has released Apeiron X 1.0.1, a minor update to its centipede-like game that corrects a handful of bugs. The game sells for $15, the update, of course, is free.